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Guideline on using our site

The detailed service working

If you feel that loneliness may not be a suitable life companion and you have a strong wish about finding new friends or a perfect life match, then you should visit our site and place your profile here. After taking a username you will be assigned a mail box on our server; there you'll be able to check received messages and the sent correspondence, contacts, and the information about credits, purchased and spent as well. We advise you to upload photos (preferably of a high quality) to your profile, otherwise there's no guarantee that you'll get the responses to your letters.

After registering you'll find it very easy to contact all the persons chosen. If you want to find contacts, then there are the ways you can initiate your communication:

Sending a message (for free)

Those members, who have the direct access to the Internet, get your letters without delay. Despite the fact that the Internet has penetrated into many homes, in Russia there're still people, who do not have the internet connection because of technical problems or some other reasons. Nowadays some of our ladies do not have Internet access; therefore, we'll forward your messages to our representative in the city where the contact lives and then the representative in turn will send the letter to the woman by phone or by post. Her reply will be delivered to your mail box on our website. You will be obtaining e-mail notifications of each message received.

In order to open a letter from a lady you need to purchase credits (approximately $1-$2 per one credit, the cost of credits depends on the number of credits you buy).

The number of credits, which you need for opening a letter may vary. You'll be able to carry out payments through credit cards, by check and by wire as well. As for the “smile” service, so it's for free. A “smile” message with link back to your profile will help you indicate to a lady chosen that you are interested in her.

Via our bi-lingual operator service you can leave a live interpreted phone call directly to her (it costs 1,8 credits per minute).

Inform the operator your login to our site, and the name of the reference number of the member to which you would like to talk.

If the lady’s phone number needed is on file for the connection, so the operator dials her. And in case she is at home, so the operator will stay on the line and can interpret your conversation. If your lady is not at home at the moment, but one of the members of her family answers the phone, the interpreter will assign the acceptable time.

There may be the cases when we are not able to connect you immediately, and we have to arrange the call in advance. If we can't connect you immediately, then we assign a conversation for the time, which is convenient for both. Most ladies do not prefer “blind calls”, so they may refuse a phone conversation if they haven’t investigated a man’s profile or haven't received a letter from him.

What follows further

After you've spent the definite time by conversing, you may want to meet the lady or several of them in person. Since our men and women more often have their places of location on different continents, we can help you with organizing your first meeting, provided that both sides are positively set onto meeting. The majority of the ladies, registered on the site, won't be able to obtain a visa to arrive to your country, so we advise you to arrange the meeting in your lady's native country, or use a "neutral territory" such as Dominican Republic or France for meeting in person.

The difficulty of obtaining such a visa for the citizens of the former Soviet Union means impossibility to visit foreign countries without entry visas. You can learn more about this in a complete section on Visas and Immigration in our FAQ.

If your meeting face-to-face has provoked you to continue your relations, so you should apply for a fiancée" visa for your lady. Having obtained this type of visa your lady would be able to stay in your country within a definite period of time (approximately 90 days, it depends). If you decide to marry her while she is staying there, then she will be able to stay in your country for indefinite period. In case you don't get married, she will go back home.


We are constantly working to improve the quality of our service, by offering our customers a unique flexible price structure. For example, the sending of one letter and getting the response will cost 50 cents. The similar services, provided by other sites cost $8. As for our female members, so the services for them are free of charge.

Note: After initiating of correspondence with a lady you pay the fixed price in order to open the letters from her.

At first you need to buy credits, and the prices are as follows:

100 credits or more: $1 per each credit

55 credits: $1.09 per each credit

20 credits: $2 per each credit

We accept all main credit cards, checks and wire payments.

The price (in credits) to open a letter from each member is different; read more to find out why. Far not all of our women possess their own email addresses and the direct Internet access, so in order to deliver some of them letters we phone them and ask to come to the nearest local facility to open their mail and respond to the letters of the men they are interested in. If a lady does not speak English, we resort to the services of an interpreter in order to provide assistance in reading the message and writing a response. In case a lady is not able to come to the local facility soon, an interpreter first reads the message to her by phone and then prints and sends the letter to her by domestic mail.

Doing all these operations really costs much. If women have the direct Internet access, they can regularly check their own e-mail box and receive messages without delay and difficulties. The system of delivering a message to them is set automatically. You should realize that the price for the delivering of correspondence may vary in each case. Instead of pointing high prices for the service and to grab big money, we are practicing careful approach to our customers' savings. But most of our ladies have the direct Internet access, so you can exchange messages with them, without involving agency, and the price of two-way letter exchange is 50 cents.

You should consider the following issue attentively. Almost all the sites, whose activity is connected with a dating business, have just a small amount of women, who are very much popular compared to others, and they are lucky by getting the majority of messages from male members. So, you can see clearly that there are the women who do not get letters at all, and there're the guys, whose letters may remain without the answer. Most sites are not really anxious about this situation, and place incredibly beautiful pictures of the most popular girls on the first pages, and then sell subscriptions or their addresses. They do not illuminate the fact that these ladies have already got sacks of letters from other guys, charmed with their fascinating appearance.

In order to avoid such a situation we have introduced a flexible price for correspondence with each woman. The price depends on the number of members that the woman is keeping correspondence with. Thanks to our system you can see how many letters the lady you're interested in have already received. The more messages the woman receives, the higher is the credits price that is needed to open a letter from her. But the price won't change for the men, who have already initiated the communication with her, but may grow for other members just attempting to contact with this lady, thereby increasing the price for opening a letter from the lady.

If any member does not answer any letter, then in this case this member's profile can be suspended and later removed because of inactivity. In case there are many messages left without answers, we may consider necessary to take away a member's profile from search results (anyway the dating correspondence is allowed to continue).

The price in credits for opening a letter from any member goes from the abovementioned factors and may vary from 0.5 credits to 20 credits.

More information

Profiles contain the information that the members believed necessary to display for the site users. You can study everything about them, except their contact information. If lady's personal page says "Unknown", or "Information not supplied" on definite fields this means that she do not want to provide this type of information. It will be better to address the lady personally, because in such a way you are able to know more about this woman.

Only available members

On our site you can see just available and active ladies' profiles. In case a member doesn't visit the site and considers it unnecessary to check email and respond to letters, then we can remove such a profile. All the profiles placed on our site are available. Before removing one’s profile we send a serious warning to a member by mail.

Will tell you later?

While looking through the profile content you can notice a phrase "Will tell you later", it means that a member would prefer to hide this sort of information from all users, but ladies may want to discuss it privately. They prefer to discuss especial questions and themes after they collect more information about guys they are communicating with.


If you want to open letters from ladies you need to purchase credits, therefore, you should send money to buy the amount of credits you want to possess.

The prices for credits are as follows:

100 credits or more: $1 for each credit

55 credits: $1.09 for each credit

20 credits: $2 for each credit

As for the forms of payments we do accept payments by check, money order, wire transfer, Money Gram transfers and more.

In order to carry out the payment you should indicate your username on our site, or your full name, or your email address. Upon receiving confirmation of the completing of the payment the credits will be applied to your account.

Credit card transactions

We do guarantee the security in operations with a credit card. Ever since opening our dating agency we haven't registered any case of credit card abusing, theft or any other actions that could compromise our customers or harm them. The members of our site have full right to demand the more thorough and technical information whether they will have any guarantees when resorting to the services of our site , therefore, we do our best to make the credit card transactions on our site secure.

As the majority of merchants we practice credit cards via our own secure server with a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. While being transferred over the Internet the information of your credit card is kept privately due to using SSL browser encryption provided by Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. Your credit card information including the information about the order is transmitted in secure mode, so your privacy is insured. We guarantee that there is a limited circle of those having access to unencrypted information of your credit card - you, we and the processing bank.

If you do shopping on Yahoo, Amazon or eBay, you get absolutely the same protocol, which is SSL encryption. SSL is believed to be the most reliable encryption on the Web. If you're tracking the latest news concerning the newest methods and technologies, then you should know that there is nothing absolutely indestructible and inaccessible. A technically advanced hacker can break it, also the credit card numbers can be stolen from department store and bank databases.

You have a 100 per cent chance to break into absolute safety, if you do not use the Internet at all and never write any check and in case of your refusal from any credit card purchases over the Internet, telephone or in-store. No-one dares it, I guess. You should not worry a lot, because through the having of only credit card information it's impossible to buy something worth more than a hundred dollars or so. In order to protect you from any sort of abuses we do not place your credit card information to the server. In order to protect you from any sort of abuses we do not place your credit card information to the server.

According to the regulations of Visa and Master Card we do not keep the security code of your credit card anywhere left. And if somehow your credit card number is stolen, it can't be used so much anywhere without this code.

We keep the encrypted credit card information on our internal computers, and only for the purpose to assist you if you have definite problems. We guarantee that we won't use card without your authorization.